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With skilled and educated youths, education has the potential to change the course of a nation. A country must achieve a higher rate of economic growth to be classified as a developed country. A well-educated nation removes any impediments to growth and works hard to achieve long-term development.
The process of learning, training, and teaching human capital in schools and universities is referred to as education in India. The Indian government reflects specific economic policies that highlight the value of education in India.

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Online Educational Services

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Educational Videos

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Story Creation/ Article Writing

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Topic specialists or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) should have real information and ideas about common issues of their subjects. They should understand the details of a subject deeply. They should be experts, who have set out on an expedition to find the real story, have a place with the way of thinking, and ought to have a wide scope.

Alternative Compilers

Alt-text Compilers at Ira Solutions inspire organizations by passing on excellent alt-text composing administration that sets up a superior arrangement and eases scrutiny of the content. We convey manual alt-text composing administrations to guarantee flawlessness and offer an itemized portrayal of visuals.

Educational Video Creators

Educational Video Creators are an original part of e-learning arrangements. With arising innovation patterns in e-learning arrangements, educational video creators have become a developing interest for the e-learning industry


Animators are a vital and unique element of e-learning arrangements. With rising innovation patterns in e-learning arrangements, animators have become an emerging interest for the e-learning industry.

Coding Tutors

The coding tutors’ structure essential links between the deeply vibrant focused data and they are not-so-specialized pursuers. Subsequently, it is significant for an expert coding tutor to have solid specialized information and comprehension.

Customers constantly look for a human to answer their queries rather than going through the mechanical replies. Ira Solutions is the fastest way to get a solution. Numerous studies have proved that Customer service has helped many businesses to grow.

Outsourcing a business is always beneficial for an organization because there is a cost involved for infrastructure and training the resources. The overall running cost is less when the support is provided by another established firm with its infrastructure in place. Our 24X7 operating facility has all the requirements in place to run the operations from the very first day. We have trained resources who are well trained. We have a team of Academic Counsellors who constantly monitor the quality of each content.
Outsourcing a contact will help the organization to lessen the effective cost that too with the support during odd hours. The guarantee of eminence and zero staffing and training cost. The organization will have access to expert resources with no boundaries of time zones. No need to worry about the cost of resources during the offseason.