We are the IRA Solutions!

We are a full service Creative agency that makes good ideas come to life.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” When everyone was losing their jobs due to COVID-19, especially the education sector is most affected sector in this period. The most affected sector during this pandemic. Many teachers either lost their jobs or were working on a very low pay scale, in this duration Ira Solutions came up with the idea of content writing. Not only they came to business online but also provided jobs to many such people as well.

Ira Solutions is an Ed-tech Start-up, working on a mission to provide Quality content and Training to educational institutions to improve education quality in India. Ira Solutions started his journey on August 2020.We aim to serve different e-learning companies and edtech giants for the development of high-quality educational content.

Ira's Solution has a 30-person in-house team as well as 450+ freelancers in a year with extensive experience in their fields. With our commitment to delivering quality enriched content and meeting deadlines, we serve tens of thousands of happy clients around the world.
We always focus on developing easy-to-digest content that helps students all over the world build strong concepts and evolve their thinking process, as our tagline "Vision to your future" suggests.

Ok! So why our client trust us?

We Provide best of the best solutions for any of your business needs!

Education is a powerful weapon that enables a person to face life's adversities and overcome societal stigmas such as poverty, fear, and status to achieve success. Education is the hope of most third-world and world-dominant countries for development and success. Mandatory education broadens the scope of opportunities for growth and development.

  • Education gives a perfect face to life,
  • Education gives holy power to fight,
  • Education destroys darkness with the help of light,
  • Education gives man broad sight